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Can Anyone Increase Pitching Velocity?

This is a great question and the many studies listed below prove that increasing pitching velocity is very possible. Especially if the pitcher has the proper knowledge of high velocity pitching mechanics and an effective pitching velocity specific training program.

Pitching Velocity Studies:

  1. Comparison of three baseball-specific 6-week training programs on throwing velocity in high school baseball players. - Escamilla RF, Ionno M, deMahy MS, Fleisig GS, Wilk KE, Yamashiro K, Mikla T, Paulos L, Andrews JR. - Department of Physical Therapy, California State University, Sacramento, California, USA. - J Strength Cond Res. 2012 Jul;26(7):1767-81.
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FACT: 90mph is 90mph because only a select few can consistently pitch with it. HOWEVER: You can DEVELOP this elite pitching velocity if you understand how these "natural" high velocity pitchers are doing it... to the point to where you become one of them in less than one season. This does not involve a special device, or some kind of 'miracle'...

FACT: Most pitchers understand that you MUST train harder and smarter in order to make a significant pitching velocity increase. But did you know that most baseball training programs are ineffective when it comes to enhancing performance? Sure, pitchers will feel better from these programs, but the fear of pitchers getting injured from unconventional baseball training programs is a MYTH... and read on. We'll prove it to you with pictures!

FACT: You have been lied to if you think long tossing is the only way to improve "arm strength", or that heavy weight train or weight training in general is dangerous for the pitcher. Pitchers need smarter throwing programs that are drill based to learn better pitching mechanics and they need to develop a good base of strength and especially power in the weight room to keep themselves safe and performing at a higher level on the mound..

FACT:You cannot find this level of information in a pitching velocity System anywhere else. I have sole ownership of it, and it's only found right here, on this VERY PAGE... so keep reading...

I'm not asking you to just "buy a book". I'm asking you to read what I have to say in this letter. It affects anyone trying to pitch in this game...especially if you are trying to make it to the next and you are saying to your self, "It may just be to late for me to increase my pitching velocity."

This letter will change your mind.

Today's baseball training is ineffective... and it is KEEPING YOU from the pitching velocity you want

A recent study by Kibler and Chandler calculated that a 20% decrease in Kinetic Energy delivered from the hip and trunk to the arm requires a 34% increase in the rotational velocity of the shoulder to impart the same amount of force to the hand. Running Long Distance Pitching

Are you afraid of actually working hard and SMART in this game? Do you really think playing all season long, just using weighted baseballs, doing running throws or throwing as far as you can is going to get you to 90+mph?

Think again.

Have a look at all those pitchers on your team who go to practice and run poles, throw their bullpens, and think all this with just playing a lot of baseball is going to break them out of the mid to low 80's. Then take a look at the pitchers who actually train with weights — almost always too many reps and way, WAY too much light weight training.

Now, you tell us: how many of these guys have made a 5-10mph jump in 1 off-season? I'll wager you said, "None or maybe 1," And you would be correct. Statistics reveal that only ½ of 1% of college pitchers make any significant gains in pitching velocity over a YEAR, let alone over just one off-season.

Why? Because good people just like you have been misled and lied to by pitching coaches, ex-MLB players, and infomercials. You probably believe you have to throw farther or with a heavier ball to get results, when what you REALLY need to do is THROW LESS using a very targeted method of high velocity movement and power training.

Special equipment or a "special drill" not required

Pitching Device

I have never met a "High Velocity Pitcher" who ever bothered with ANY of these pitching devices you find online, unless they were paid to promote it.

In fact, I have never legitimately seen a commercial or advertisement for one of these pitching devices that claim to increase pitching velocity where the pitcher promoting it said he used it to go from low velocity to high velocity... especially in ONE OFF-SEAON!

How do most of them do it? Born with it or they enhanced their performance legally or illegally?

Illegally is a dead end road but legally, that's exactly how YOU will do it. Yes I have the legal proven program to significantly increase pitching velocity, I have it because I developed it for myself in my career, it is how I went from 85-94 after rotator cuff surgery and every single doctor telling me I would never pitch again...

Brent Pourciau

I was 18 years old in my first college start when I tore it!. The doctor took one look at my MRI and said it doesn't look good. He said he can't promise anything but that at least after surgery, I would be able to use my arm again. Following surgery I tried everything from, hours of tubing exercises, to changing my mechanics countless times... when I finally figured it out, it didn't take a strenuous throwing program, hell my arm couldn't take the abuse anymore. It didn't take weighted balls or tons of running, it took an unconventional approach to this game that many still ignorantly believe is dangerous or ineffective.

Listen: it wasn't easy, my road back to playing the game I LOVE ... but my training program has proven everyone wrong and more important it proved everyone stupid, even myself because I avoided this kind of training my entire career, due to my coaches telling me all this conventional wisdom was the only way. Not to brag, but when I did all this research, to prove that 3X Pitching is the best approach in the game, I discovered how ground breaking my program actually was...It wasn't just a fluke that I was throwing harder than ever before and now playing professional baseball! It was the real deal!

Most Important: I learned that it wasn't just going to work for me but for everyone who uses it. Which it has!

The Secret Behind The 3X Program Is Found Within The 2 Phase Delivery

This understanding of the High Velocity Delivery is going to change how you watch pitching and even pitch ever again.

It will complete "spin your head" around the mechanics of pitching and make it not seem so complicated.

Profoundly it will show you exactly what you need to do to go from that low velocity pitcher to that high velocity pitcher in a blink of an eye!

So How Does It Work?

Warning: If you watch this video below you will never pitch the same again! Please view at your own risk and DO NOT tell your coach you saw this video.

2 Phase Delivery

YES, this Method Simply Works...
But 'Regular' Baseball Training will not help you learn it!

A recent study found that early in the pitching motion, the two groups (Low Velocity Group & High Velocity Group) were dissimilar in the timing of their movements,while their later movement timing was much more similar. This implies that early trunk and torso movements are more varied among pitchers than late arm movements.

3X Pitching WORKS... And I'm here to tell you I've seen it all... every other program out there.

I've seen it...I've tried it...and I keep coming back to what really works. And that is 3X Pitching...birthed by the pure desire to become a high velocity pitcher and live the dream of professional baseball, and tested by hundreds of other pitchers to have the same experience as I.

It works FOR ALL. It works EVERY TIMEYou just have to be willing to work yourself. There are no free rides, miracle pills, or inefficient exercises found in 3X Pitching. Why? Because none of that crap works, and you know it.

Every shady marketer and publisher wants you to believe there's some kind of shortcut to pitching velocity you desire. They're full of it. You're too smart to buy into that, right?

Now, there's good news, too: "Hard" does not mean complicated. "Hard" does not mean MANY YEARS. And "hard" does not mean dangerous.

Remember, I tore my rotator cuff before I discovered this program, so I don't believe in training stupid. I put 3X Pitching together with the high school, college and even pro pitcher in mind, and it's specifically and uniquely tailored to help you reach your top velocity as you dominate on the field, grab scouts attention, and become the pitcher you always wanted to be. Just know THIS...

A Program Like This, To Add 5-10mph or More to Your Velocity, Is Really Hard To Find

3X Pitching Velocity Study

Unless you've been working with a Major League Organization as a BioMechanics Analyst, overcame rotator cuff surgery to throw almost 10mph harder and play pro baseball, certified as a USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach AND can develop cutting edge proprietary throwing drills, lifts and exercises to train the high velocity pitcher, you simply cannot find this specific Pitching Velocity System anywhere on the planet but on this page.

Sure, you can find similar approaches to increase pitching velocity. After all, some of these ideas were stolen from This Websitelong before any of these "new age" approaches become popular! And, if you really wanted to, you could go through the thousands of pages on this website, spend about 100 hours on my YouTube page going through my thousands of video analysis, and probably track down 80% of what I cover in The 3X Pitching Velocity Program.

You could do that...but why?

I've not only created the system FOR you. I've already put the throwing program, the strength and conditioning program, the anaerobic conditioning program, and the action steps all into one complete, simple to follow, easy to understand bundle that you can read, watch AND put into action in about 2-3 hours 5 days a week. That's it. Short, no fluff, and right to the point.

So, it's up to you: get the 3X Pitching Velocity Program that I've created for you, or start digging around and hope you figure it out in the next ten plus years like it took me.

And, not matter what you decide, you will never access all the science I have put together in our 3X Pitching Mechanics Guides (I have full access to all the medical documents in the world! Don't ask me how I got this because I may have to kill you :)), one on one time with me the coach driving your results, and all the freebies I'm about to show you without choosing to own your copy of The 3X Pitching Velocity Program.

A recent study found that the high velocity group had a separation-timing mean difference of 23%, whereas the low velocity group had a mean difference of 17%.

This works for anyone, short or tall, no matter how young or how old you are

Over the past twenty years or so, I have seen one prevailing lie told over and over again...

"Pitchers have to throw a lot, throw far, and NEVER use weights to gain arm strength..." It's a crock!

ONE simple System... My System... will work for anyone at any age, without excessive throwing of any kind.

That means you can actually take an off-season, rest the arm, build up the body, train better movements without worrying about "losing arm strength" or "not throwing enough" to increase pitching velocity. I train my pitchers hard in the off-season but the one comment I get the most when training with the 3X Pitching Velocity Program is, "Wow, my arm doesn't hurt when I throw hard anymore!"

Enough Of Me Speaking... Here is What The Pitchers Are Saying Who Have Purchased the 3X Program and Broken the 90mph Range

Supporters of the 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program

Kurt Hester 3X Pitching“I taught Brent everything he knows. You would be stupid not to use his Program!”

Kurt Hester – Strength Coach Hall of Fame.

“This is the best pitching velocity program in the country!”

Jack Cressend – Ex-MLB Pitcher - National Pitching Crosschecker MLB.

Coach Hatch 3X Pitching“Brent has put together an excellent program for training pitching speed!”

Gayle Hatch – 2004 Athens Olympic Weight Lifting Coach – 2009 Men’s USA World Team Coach – List continues on link below.

Jake Myer 3X Pitching“Not only was Brent a great teammate but he also knows his stuff!”

Jake Myer – played division 1A college baseball at UCLA. He was drafted by the Chicago Whitesox in 1998.

Darrel Coulter 3X PitchingHis 3X Pitching Review
His 3X VCamp Review

Darrel Coulter – Drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 15th round of the 1986 MLB June Amateur Draft from North County HS (Bonne Terre, MO). Pitching Coach and creator of

Dan Micelli 3X Pitching“This program uses the same approach to training pitching velocity that I used in my career.”

Dan Miceli – 14 year Major League Career

Chuck Hickman“There is no better program for increasing your pitching speed than Brent’s!”

Chuck Hickman – Drafted 12th round by Chicago Cubs.

The Most Comprehensive Systematic Approach to Increase Pitching Velocity You Will Ever Find

So how does this system work, time and time again with pitchers like above? Because it does what most baseball training programs do not do. It trains all three components of the high velocity pitcher. Most baseball training programs only train one or two and usually only one better than the other. The 3X Pitching Velocity Program is the elite training program that trains all three components at the top level.

The Comprehensive 3 System Approach

anatomy of the high velocity pitcherCentral Nervous System

This is what creates our movements or our pitching mechanics. The 3X Velocity System in all levels of the 3X Pitching Velocity Program is a drill based throwing program developed to train the central nervous system to create all the pitching mechanics defined in the 3X Pitching Mechanics Guides.

Muscular System

This is what puts the force behind your movements or pitching mechanics. You can have inefficient pitching mechanics but if the force isn't behind them then they may not be effective. They definitely will not produce high pitching velocity. The Fusion System in all levels of the 3X Pitching Velocity Program was designed to develop elite power to drive the high velocity pitching mechanics.

Energy System

This is what allows you to consistently perform your movements over and over again. It isn't good enough to pump 90mph once or twice. The high velocity pitcher must do this hundreds of times a week. The Fusion System uses an anaerobic conditioning program in all levels of the 3X Pitching Velocity Program to fuel the energy of the high velocity pitching mechanics.

So, let's recap what we've learned so far:

  • The most effective way to learn high velocity pitching mechanics is with the 2 Phase approach, using science driven pitching mechanics. NOT more throwing...NOT more running...and NOT with weighted baseballs...
  • The mistake you absolute MUST AVOID is to use a program that only trains one part of the anatomy of the high velocity pitcher. Even a two part system isn't enough. You need the three part system that trains each component at the TOP level!
  • The solution is found in a drill based throwing program to train the high velocity mechanics and also using an Olympic-style strength and conditioning program to develop the elite power of the high velocity pitcher.
  • The results should come in 1 off-season...and now, YOU can have the 3X Pitching Velocity Program that I've had the good fortune to develop for a pitcher in need like you!

The Method Behind the Velocity Increase

The secret to these mind-blowing 3X Pitching Velocity Program results: 5-10mph in 16 weeks or less. Coach Brent took conventional pitching instruction and flipped it on its head - you will learn how to reverse engineer the pitcher to throw from the ground up instead of the top down. The 3X Pitching Velocity Program keeps the pitcher constantly challenged as you alternate between the 3X throwing drills and the explosive power training in the Fusion System which is performed at MAX. The result: an explosive pitcher using ground up pitching mechanics to convert stride power into rotational forces and finally into ball speed.

Get Insane Results or Your Money Back

Try the 3X Pitching Velocity Program risk-free TODAY. You have a full 60 days to try the 3X Pitching Velocity Program for yourself. If you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, simply call Coach Brent for a FULL refund of the purchase price - no questions asked. If you’re up for the challenge, click below now!

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