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ATTENTION Little League, High School, College and Professional Pitchers Who Want to Add 5-10mph!

The Top Pitching Velocity Program in the WORLD!

Beakthrough Research has Prove it. Now You Can Gain The Velocity Of An MLB Pitcher, Develop The Skills To Play At The Elite Level, Plus Reduce The Risk Of A Career Ending Injury.... And Do It All In Just One 16 Week Off-Season

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FACT: 90mph is 90mph because only a select few can consistently pitch with it. HOWEVER: You can DEVELOP this elite pitching velocity if you understand how these "natural" high velocity pitchers are doing it... to the point to where you become one of them in less than one season. This does not involve a special device, or some kind of 'miracle'...

FACT: Most pitchers understand that you MUST train harder and smarter in order to make a significant pitching velocity increase. But did you know that most baseball training programs are ineffective when it comes to enhancing performance? Sure, pitchers will feel better from these programs, but the fear of pitchers getting injured from unconventional baseball training programs is a MYTH... and read on. We'll prove it to you with testimonials!

FACT: You have been lied to if you think long tossing is the only way to improve "arm strength", or that heavy weight training or weight training in general is dangerous for the pitcher. Pitchers need smarter throwing programs that are drill based to learn better pitching mechanics and they need to develop a good base of strength and especially power in the weight room to keep themselves safe and performing at a higher level on the mound..

FACT:You cannot find this level of information in a pitching velocity system anywhere else. I have sole ownership of it, and it's only found right here, on this VERY PAGE... so keep reading...

I'm not asking you to just "buy a program". I'm asking you to read what I have to say on this page. It affects anyone trying to pitch in this game...especially if you are trying to make it to the next and you are saying to your self, "It may just be to late for me to increase my pitching velocity" or "I don't need a program, if I just keep playing this game, I will throw 90mph one day."

Today's baseball training is ineffective... and it is KEEPING YOU from the pitching velocity you want

A recent study by Kibler and Chandler calculated that a 20% decrease in Kinetic Energy delivered from the hip and trunk to the arm requires a 34% increase in the rotational velocity of the shoulder to impart the same amount of force to the hand. Running Long Distance Pitching

Are you afraid of actually working hard and SMART in this game? Do you really think playing all season long, just using weighted baseballs, doing running throws or throwing as far as you can is going to get you to 90+mph?

Think again.

Have a look at all those pitchers on your team who go to practice and run poles, throw their bullpens, and think all this with just playing a lot of baseball is going to break them out of the mid to low 80's. Then take a look at the pitchers who actually train with weights — almost always too many reps and way, WAY too much light weight training.

Now, you tell us: how many of these guys have made a 5-10mph jump in 1 off-season? I'll wager you said, "None or maybe 1," And you would be correct. Statistics reveal that only ½ of 1% of college pitchers make any significant gains in pitching velocity over a YEAR, let alone over just one off-season.

Why? Because good people just like you have been misled and lied to by pitching coaches, ex-MLB players, and infomercials. You probably believe you have to throw farther or with a heavier ball to get results, when what you REALLY need to do is THROW LESS using a very targeted method of high velocity movement and power training.

Special equipment or a "special drill" not required

Pitching Device

I have never met a "High Velocity Pitcher" who ever bothered with ANY of these pitching devices you find online, unless they were paid to promote it.

In fact, I have never legitimately seen a commercial or advertisement for one of these pitching devices that claim to increase pitching velocity where the pitcher promoting it said he used it to go from low velocity to high velocity... especially in ONE OFF-SEAON!

How do most of them do it? Born with it or they enhanced their performance legally or illegally?

Illegally is a dead end road but legally, that's exactly how YOU will do it. Yes I have the legal proven program to significantly increase pitching velocity, I have it because I developed it for myself in my career, it is how I went from 85-94 after rotator cuff surgery and every single doctor telling me I would never pitch again...

Brent Pourciau

I was 18 years old in my first college start when I tore it!. The doctor took one look at my MRI and said it doesn't look good. He said he can't promise anything but that at least after surgery, I would be able to use my arm again. Following surgery I tried everything from, hours of tubing exercises, to changing my mechanics countless times... when I finally figured it out, it didn't take a strenuous throwing program, hell my arm couldn't take the abuse anymore. It didn't take weighted balls or tons of running, it took an unconventional approach to this game that many still ignorantly believe is dangerous or ineffective.

Listen: it wasn't easy, my road back to playing the game I LOVE ... but my training program has proven everyone wrong and more important it proved everyone stupid, even myself because I avoided this kind of training my entire career, due to my coaches telling me all this conventional wisdom was the only way. Not to brag, but when I did all this research, to prove that 3X Pitching is the best approach in the game, I discovered how ground breaking my program actually was...It wasn't just a fluke that I was throwing harder than ever before and now playing professional baseball! It was the real deal!

Most Important: I learned that it wasn't just going to work for me but for everyone who uses it. Which it has!

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The Secret Behind The 3X Program Is Found Within The 2 Phase Delivery

I DO NOT want to recommend, that if you really want to reach your full potential in this game that you buy this program today, without giving you anything that proves it is going to add 5-10+mph to your fastball like it has done for countless other pitchers, so here is one of the key principles from the program that is going to open your eyes to what it truly takes to becomes a high velocity pitcher. This new understanding of the High Velocity Delivery that I am going to give you now, is going to change how you watch pitching and even pitch ever again.

It will simplify the mechanics of high velocity pitching and make it not seem so complicated.

Profoundly, it will show you exactly what you need to do to go from that low velocity pitcher to that high velocity pitcher in a blink of an eye!

So How Does It Work?

Warning: If you watch this video below you will never pitch the same again! Please view at your own risk and DO NOT tell your coach you saw this video. He might kick you off the team, seriously!

2 Phase Delivery

YES, this Method Simply Works...
But 'Regular' Baseball Training will not help you learn it!

A recent study found that early in the pitching motion, the two groups (Low Velocity Group & High Velocity Group) were dissimilar in the timing of their movements,while their later movement timing was much more similar. This implies that early trunk and torso movements are more varied among pitchers than late arm movements.

3X Pitching WORKS... And I'm here to tell you I've seen it all... every other program out there.

I've seen it...I've tried it...and I keep coming back to what really works. And that is 3X Pitching...birthed by the pure desire to become a high velocity pitcher and live the dream of professional baseball, and tested by hundreds of other pitchers to have the same experience as I.

It works FOR ALL. It works EVERY TIMEYou just have to be willing to work yourself. There are no free rides, miracle pills, or inefficient exercises found in 3X Pitching. Why? Because none of that crap works, and you know it.

Every shady marketer and publisher wants you to believe there's some kind of shortcut to pitching velocity you desire. They're full of it. You're too smart to buy into that, right?

Now, there's good news, too: "Hard" does not mean complicated. "Hard" does not mean MANY YEARS. And "hard" does not mean dangerous.

Remember, I tore my rotator cuff before I discovered this program, so I don't believe in training stupid. I put 3X Pitching together with the high school, college and even pro pitcher in mind, and it's specifically and uniquely tailored to help you reach your top velocity as you dominate on the field, grab scouts attention, and become the pitcher you always wanted to be. Just know THIS...

A Program Like This, To Add 5-10mph or More to Your Velocity, Is Really Hard To Find

3X Pitching Velocity Study

Unless you've been working with a Major League Organization as a BioMechanics Analyst, helping MLB veteran pitchers to recover their careers, overcame rotator cuff surgery to throw almost 10mph harder and play pro baseball after doctors said it wasn't possible, certified as a USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach AND can develop cutting edge proprietary throwing drills, lifts and exercises to train the high velocity pitcher, you simply cannot find this specific Pitching Velocity System anywhere on the planet but on this page.

Sure, you can find similar approaches to increase pitching velocity. After all, some of these ideas were stolen from This Website long before any of these "new age" approaches become popular! And, if you really wanted to, you could go through the thousands of pages on this website, spend about 100 hours on my YouTube page going through my thousands of video analysis, and probably track down 80% of what I cover in The 3X Pitching Velocity Program.

You could do that...but why?

I've not only created the system FOR you. I've already put the throwing program, the strength and conditioning program, the anaerobic conditioning program, and the action steps all into one complete, simple to follow, easy to understand bundle that you can read, watch AND put into action in about 2-3 hours 5 days a week. That's it. Short, no fluff, and right to the point.

So, it's up to you: get the 3X Pitching Velocity Program that I've created for you, or start digging around and hope you figure it out in the next ten plus years like it took me.

And, not matter what you decide, you will never access all the science I have put together in our 3X Pitching Mechanics Guides (I have full access to all the medical documents in the world! Don't ask me how I got this because I may have to kill you :)), one on one time with me the coach driving your results, and all the freebies I'm about to show you without choosing to own your copy of The 3X Pitching Velocity Program.

A recent study found that the high velocity group had a separation-timing mean difference of 23%, whereas the low velocity group had a mean difference of 17%.

This works for anyone, short or tall, no matter how young or how old you are

Over the past twenty years or so, I have seen one prevailing lie told over and over again...

"Pitchers have to throw a lot, throw far, and NEVER use weights to gain arm strength..." It's a crock!

ONE simple System... My System... will work for anyone at any age, without excessive throwing of any kind.

That means you can actually take an off-season, rest the arm, build up the body, train better movements without worrying about "losing arm strength" or "not throwing enough" to increase pitching velocity. I train my pitchers hard in the off-season but the one comment I get the most when training with the 3X Pitching Velocity Program is, "Wow, my arm doesn't hurt when I throw hard anymore!"

Enough Of Me Speaking... Here is What The Pitchers Are Saying Who Have Purchased the 3X Program and Broken the 90mph Range

These testimonials below only include some of those who have hit or broken through the 90mph range with the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. This doesn't include the thousands of those pitchers who have added the 5-10mph with the 3X Programs.

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Here are Some of My Friends and Supporters of the 3X Pitching Velocity Program

Kurt Hester – Strength Coach Hall of Fame

Kurt Hester 3X Pitching

Current Head Strength Coach for Louisiana Tech. Before LA Tech was National Director of Training for the D1 Sports Training Center in Nashville, Tenn. since 2008. He has worked with training several professional athletes from leagues such as the National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Soccer (MLS), National Hockey League (NHL) and the NFL Combine classes.

“I taught Brent everything he knows. You would be stupid not to use his program!”

Kurt Hester

Jack Cressend – EX MLB Pitcher, Pitching Crosschecker LA Dodgers

Following his Major League Baseball career Jack was the pitching coach for Tulane University, University of Houston. He then transitioned back into MLB baseball as the Pitching Crosschecker for the Tampa, Rays and now for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

“This is the best pitching velocity program in the country!”

Jack Cressend

Coach Hatch – USA Olympic Lifting Coach

Coach Hatch 3X Pitching

Gayle Hatch has a long list of accomplishments in his legendary career. Here are some quick highlights – 2004 Athens Olympic Weight Lifting Coach – 2009 Men’s USA World Team Coach - Inducted into about every single Hall of Fame that is sports related. Look him up!

“Brent has put together an excellent program for training pitching speed!”

Coach Hatch

Jake Myer – EX MilB Pitcher

Jake Myer 3X Pitching

Jake played division 1A college baseball at UCLA. He was drafted by the Chicago Whitesox in 1998 and had a long career in professional baseball.

“Not only was Brent a great teammate but he also knows his stuff!”

Jake Myer

Jon Huizinga – EX MilB Pitcher

Jon Huizinga 3X Pitching

Jon was drafted by the Brewers out of Michigan State University and played 11 years in Minor League Baseball.

“This program is the best you will find when it comes to gaining pitching velocity.”

Jon Huizinga

Darrel Coulter – EX MilB Pitcher

Darrel Coulter 3X Pitching

Drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 15th round of the 1986 MLB June Amateur Draft from North County HS (Bonne Terre, MO). Pitching Coach and creator of PitchingHabits.com

“I have personally attended a 3X Velocity Camp and coached pitchers with this program and it is the best in the game.”

Darrel Coulter

Dan Miceli – EX MLB Pitcher

Dan Micelli 3X Pitching

14 year Major League Pitcher.

“This program uses the same approach to training pitching velocity that I used in my career.”

Dan Miceli

Chuck Hickman – EX MiLB Player

Chuck Hickman

Drafted 12th round by Chicago Cubs and spent several years in minor league baseball.

“There is no better program for increasing your pitching speed than Brent’s!”

Chuck Hickman

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Now Let's Get Down And Dirty And Show You What Is In This Revolutionary Program

I am going to do my best to explain to you exactly what is included in this revolutionary pitching velocity program below but if you would just rather talk to me personally about it then please call me now! I always try to answer my phone and if I am busy training pitchers in my 10,000 square foot facility in Louisiana, I promise I will call you back, ASAP!

The Actual Science Behind 3X Pitching

Like I said you will not find this level of information in a pitching velocity system anywhere. This is just some studies that are the backbone of the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. These scientific case studies are proof that this system is real and extremely effective when it comes to adding 5-10mph or more to your pitching velocity.

What makes the 3X Pitching Velocity Program unique is it marries the best drill based throwing program in the game with the best strength and conditioning program in the game. It is almost impossible to have a significant effect on increasing pitching velocity without using both a good pitching coach and a good strength and conditioning coach working together, like in the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. Here is some of the scientific research behind the 3X Pitching Velocity Program.

Pitching Velocity Mechanics Training Studies:

  1. Blake Treinen 3X Pitching MechanicsCharacteristic Ground-Reaction Forces in Baseball Pitching. - MacWilliams BA, Choi T, Perezous MK, et al. - Am J Sports Med. 1998;26(1): 66-71.
  2. Passive Ranges of Motion of the Hips and Their Relationship With Pitching Biomechanics and Ball Velocity in Professional Baseball Pitchers. - Robb A, Fleisig G, Wilk K, Macrina L, et al. - Amer J Sports Med 2010; 38(12).
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  7. Comparison of kinematic and temporal parameters between different pitch velocity groups. - Matsuo T, Escamilla RF, Fleisig GS, Barrentine SW, Andrews JR. - J Appl Biomech. 2001;17:1-13.
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  11. An EMG analysis of the shoulder in throwing and pitching. A preliminary report. - Jobe FW, Tibone JE, Perry J, Moynes D. - Am J Sports Med. 1983 Jan-Feb;11(1):3-5.
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Pitching Velocity Strength Training Studies:

  1. Aroldis Chapman Weight TrainingComparison of three baseball-specific 6-week training programs on throwing velocity in high school baseball players. - Escamilla RF, Ionno M, deMahy MS, Fleisig GS, Wilk KE, Yamashiro K, Mikla T, Paulos L, Andrews JR. - Department of Physical Therapy, California State University, Sacramento, California, USA. - J Strength Cond Res. 2012 Jul;26(7):1767-81.
  2. Correlation of throwing velocity to the results of lower-body field tests in male college baseball players. - Lehman G, Drinkwater EJ, Behm DG. - School of Human Kinetics and Recreation, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada School of Human Movement Studies, Charles Sturt University, Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia. - J Strength Cond Res. 2013 Apr;27(4):902-8.
  3. Effects of strength training on throwing velocity and shoulder muscle performance in teenage baseball players. - Wooden MJ, Greenfield B, Johanson M, Litzelman L, Mundrane M, Donatelli RA. - J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 1992;15(5):223-8.
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The Most Comprehensive Systematic Approach to Increase Pitching Velocity You Will Ever Find

So how does this system work, time and time again with pitchers like above? Because it does what most baseball training programs do not do. It trains all three components of the high velocity pitcher. Most baseball training programs only train one or two and usually only one better than the other. The 3X Pitching Velocity Program is the elite training program that trains all three components at the top level.

The 3 System Approach

anatomy of the high velocity pitcherCentral Nervous System

This is what creates our movements or our pitching mechanics. The 3X Velocity System in all levels of the 3X Pitching Velocity Program is a drill based throwing program developed to train the central nervous system to create all the pitching mechanics defined in the 3X Pitching Mechanics Guides.

Muscular System

This is what puts the force behind your movements or pitching mechanics. You can have inefficient pitching mechanics but if the force isn't behind them then they may not be effective. They definitely will not produce high pitching velocity. The Fusion System in all levels of the 3X Pitching Velocity Program was designed to develop elite power to drive the high velocity pitching mechanics.

Energy System

This is what allows you to consistently perform your movements over and over again. It isn't good enough to pump 90mph once or twice. The high velocity pitcher must do this hundreds of times a week. The Fusion System uses an anaerobic conditioning program in all levels of the 3X Pitching Velocity Program to fuel the energy of the high velocity pitching mechanics.

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The Anatomy of the 3X Pitching Velocity Program

All Levels of the off-season training, pre and in-season training programs in the 3X Velocity Program use the 3 System approach. This includes the 3X Velocity System, Fusion System and the Anaerobic Conditioning in the Fusion System. Each system also has its own system calendar to follow. It will give you the days to perform the drills, exercises or lifts along with the sets, reps and percentages. 3X Pitching Programs

3X Pitching Mechanics

The 3X Pitching Velocity Program has defined over 50+ pitching mechanics that drive the high velocity pitcher. No other program out their has this level of information for anyone to get their hands on.

Here is everyone of the basic and advanced 3X Pitching Velocity Mechanics that you will have full access to along with the definitions and links to the scientific research behind each component. Learning the importance of each one of these mechanics will give you an edge when working to implement these high velocity pitching mechanics into your delivery. The 3X Pitching Mechanics System is currently used by a MLB organization to evaluate players for the draft, trades and development.

3X Pitching Basic 6 Mechanics
  1. Lift Leg Momentum
  2. The “Load” Position
  3. Triple Extension (3X) & Separation
  4. Chest Thrust & External Rotation
  5. Elbow Extension & Internal Rotation
  6. Stabilization
3X Pitching Advanced Mechanics
  1. 3X Foot Position
  2. The First Move
  3. The Force Vector
  4. The Sweet Spot
  5. 3X Dorsiflexion
  6. The Tilt
  7. 3X Foot Sync
  8. Stretch Shortening Cycle
  9. Front Foot Strike
  10. Point of Balance
  11. The Pinch
  12. 3X Glove Side
  13. Chin Tuck
  14. Front Leg Extension (2X)
  15. Shoulder Abduction
  16. Pronation
  17. Action to Reaction
  18. 3X to 2X Factor
  19. 3X Burst
  20. 3X Threshold
  21. 3X Science and Research
  22. 3X Glove Position
  23. 3X Stance
  24. Hand Break-Timing
  25. 3X Knee Flexion
  26. 3X Weight Shift
  27. 3X Lift Leg Pattern
  28. 3X Ankle Kick
  29. 3X Drag
  30. 3X GRF-Timing
  31. 3X Hip Rotation
  32. 3X Arm Path
  33. 3X Arm Flex-Timing
  34. 3X 2F 2P
  35. 3X Connection
  36. Separation-Timing
  37. 3X Launch
  38. 3X MER-Timing
  39. 3X Head Path
  40. 3X Foot Contact
  41. 3X Stride
  42. 2X GRF-Timing
  43. 3X Wrist Action
  44. 3X Finish
  45. 3X Recoil

3X Velocity System

This is a list of the 3X Pitching Velocity drills that you will learn to perform in the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. Each drill comes from a specific level in the 3X Velocity System.

  1. 3X Before Front Foot Strike - This drill trains how the lower half must work to peak power into front foot strike so it can be used up the kinetic chain.
  2. 3X Drive Drills - These drills train the pitcher to more effectively use the drive leg and front leg to drive hip rotation.
  3. 3X Med Ball Drills - These drills are the core drills to the 3X Pitching Velocity Program which are critical to helping train how power is moved up the entire kinetic chain during the high velocity pitching delivery.
  4. 3X Target Throws - These drills convert the valuable motor coordination training from the 3X Med Ball Drills into the baseballs. These drills also work on the mound.
  5. 3X 2 Phase Drills - This drill helps the pitcher separate the phases of the pitching delivery. To learn more about the two phases watch the video at the top of the page.
  6. 3X Assistance Drills - These drills give the pitcher a better understanding of how fast the lower half must move to increase pitching velocity.
  7. 3X Sled Drills - These drills are ideal in training the pitcher how to develop elite leg power in the pitching delivery.
  8. 3X Torsion Throws - These drills are critical in training stability in the drive leg which supports peak timing of force production and internal rotation in the drive leg. Watch the video to learn one of the 3X Torsion Drills. LEVEL 3 DOESN'T COME WITH THE 3X EXTREME PITCHING VELOCITY PROGRAM. IT IS AN ADD-ON.
  9. 3X Lateral Med Throws - These drills help the pitcher progress the 3X Pitching Mechanics to the full pitching delivery.
  10. 3X Load Series Drills - These drills work together with the 3X Lateral Med Throws to progress the 3X Pitching Mechanics to the final stage which is the pitching delivery.

You Can't Become a Power Pitcher with NO Power!

The Fusion System - The Most Effective System for Enhancing Pitching Performance!

Yes, this is an Olympic-style strength and conditioning program for pitchers because there is NO scientifically proven better way to do it. I get a lot of CRAP for using Olympic Lifts with pitchers but I don't care because it works extremely well! I don't care that the "conventional wisdom" of this game is ignorant to Olympic lifting. Like my father used to tell me when I didn't want to do something, he would say, "Well then, more for me!" More for me baseball community. I will be happy to watch and benefit from the effects of Olympic lifting on the low velocity pitcher, just like I did for myself in my career.

I personally experienced the natural alternative to steroids, OLYMPIC LIFTING, in my career. Hell, I never would have been able to compete with the Juicers like Jose Canseco if I didn't have a legal and better way. I also wouldn't have ever overcome career ending rotator cuff surgery at 18 years old without it. So, it is impossible to try and convince me that this style of training is "dangerous" for the pitcher. Those who believe it is "dangerous" for the pitcher then they really need to watch this video....NOW!

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What Are The Olympic Lifts?

The Olympic Lifts or what the rest of the world calls weightlifting which is the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. Here is a infographic to show you the techniques behind the olympic lifts. Olympic Lifts

Why The Olympic Lifts?

Stone reports that Olympic-style weight lifting exercises (sometimes described as the Olympic-style lifts) such as the clean produce significantly greater power out- put than do traditional weight training exercises such as the squat or bench press. In fact, power output during the second pull of the power clean is approximately 5 and 18 times greater than for the squat or bench press, respectively. As a result, strength training exercises such as the clean and jerk; the snatch; and the variations such as the power clean, hang clean, power pull, push press, and power shrug deserve consideration in a program designed to maximize athletic power. Stone suggests these types of exercises may have a greater transfer of training for many power sports, especially in comparison with high-force, slow-movement exercises such as the bench press and squat.

STONE, M.H. Literature review. Explosive exercises and training. NSCA J.15(3):7–15. 1993.

Because of the potential of these lifts to produce high-power outputs and their movement- and velocity- specificities to many sport activities (e.g., jumping, running, throwing), Olympic-style lifts are considered as some of the best training exercises to maximize dynamic athletic performance.

Kawamori N, Haff GG. - The optimal training load for the development of muscular power. - Department of Kinesiology, Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, Texas 76308, USA. - J Strength Cond Res. 2004 Aug;18(3):675-84.

Who Uses The Olympic Lifts?

Many organizations and players use the Olympic Lifts. Here are some of the more popular teams and players using the lifts.

Orioles Olympic Lifting FacilityBaltimore Orioles Olympic Lifting Facility
The Baltimore Orioles are big believers in the power of olympic lifting. It is now becoming a part of the culture in this organization which is promoting some of the biggest lifters in the game like Chris Davis and Dylan Bundy.

"It's a shift in culture, from what I understand. Every single person we've talked to said they've never had a better strength-and-conditioning program than this." said Paul Cater, one of four strength-and-conditioning coaches -- overseen by vice president of baseball operations Brady Anderson -- who is working with the Orioles in Major League Spring Training

Texas Rangers Strength Coach Teaching the Olympic LiftsTexas Rangers Olympic Lifting Coach
The Texas Rangers are also big believers in the power of olympic lifting. Here is a video of their strength and conditioning coach Jose Vazquez instructing the proper technique of the Hang Clean.

"The Hang Clean is a very popular lift among all sports. Any kind of sport that requires explosiveness usual does the Hang Clean" said Jose Vazquez, Texas Rangers Strength and Conditioning Coach

Cal State Fullerton Olympic LiftingCal State Fullerton Olympic Lifting Coach
Cal State Fullerton Baseball Team are also big believers in the power of olympic lifting. Here is a video of their strength and conditioning coach Greg Vandermade describing why and how they perform the olympic lifts for their baseball players. He also talks about the importance of triple extension in the movement and how that helps the baseball player in his skill.

"The biggest benefit for the Hang Clean is it develops explosive power. You have to fire those type II fibers when you do a hang clean." said Greg Vandermade, Cal State Fullerton Strength and Conditioning Coach

Bryce Harper Olympic Lifting

Bryce Harper Washington Nationals
Bryce Harper has been using the olympic lifts to drive his career for a long time. There has even been rumors that he is doing PED's because of his high level of power on the baseball field. He continues to admit he is clean. You know you are doing something right when everyone thinks you are on drugs but you are not.

"Harper relied on an intense lifting and conditioning routine over the winter. He loves weight lifting."

“It’s brutal,” Soder said. “These guys work their tail off. And someone like Bryce, he’s such a beast. He’s doing heavy weights. … He’s kind of a genetic freak. He’s got man strength at 19 and 20.” said James Wagner, Washington Post

That hard work began with body-weight exercises. "I was probably 12 or 13 when I started doing pushups, situps, dips," says Harper. From there he graduated to conventional lifting, focusing on basic, heavy lifts, such as squats and power cleans. said by Lou Schuler, Men's Health Magazine

Beiting started in baseball in 2004 and said in the last 10 years attitudes about weight lifting have definitely changed.

"Guys really like to lift weights with a little more intensity and be more aggressive than they have in the past," Beiting said. "A lot of it has to do with the thought process in baseball that has continued to evolve with training and strength conditioning in general."Anna McDonald, ESPN

Blake Trenien Olympic Lifting

Blake Trenien has been using the Olympic Lifts since college baseball when he was a freshman only throwing 78mph. The Olympic Lifts where instrumental in building his high 90's fastball and bringing him all the way to the Major Leagues. His power clean max is around 295lbs which is incredibly impressive and defines how hard he worked to develop his high 90's fastball.

You can learn more about his story, his road from a no-body in college baseball to a Major League Pitcher and how he defined the odds and proved many coaches and teams wrong along the way. This is a Cinderella story for baseball and you can listen to the interview here!

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Why The Fusion System is Better Than Your Teams Strength Program?

3 words; Comprehensive, Periodized and Cyclical.

It covers all critical factors of training the power pitcher. Power through Olympic Lifting, strength through squats and deadlifts, proprioception through joint stability exercises, core training with med balls and core exercises, arm care through jobes, tubing and grip strengthening, anaerobic conditioning with plyos, hurdles, sprints and more.

The most effective way to develop elite levels of progression in any training program is using a periodization model like in the Fusion System. This is the loading and unloading of the muscular system and central nervous system to prevent overtraining and therefore performance enhancement. Programs that do not use this model will never be able to compete with the Fusion System.

The Fusion System is built to cycle through the off-season and into the pre and in-season. Each cycle producing more gains and applying those gains to the next cycle to produce more gains again. Any program that is not cyclical will never compete with the performance enhancement of the Fusion System.

What Top Level Teams Have Used The 3X Program?

So, let's recap what we've learned so far:

  • The most effective way to learn high velocity pitching mechanics is with the 2 Phase approach, using science driven pitching mechanics. NOT more throwing...NOT more running...and NOT with weighted baseballs...
  • The mistake you absolute MUST AVOID is to use a program that only trains one part of the anatomy of the high velocity pitcher. Even a two part system isn't enough. You need the three part system that trains each component at the TOP level!
  • The solution is found in a drill based throwing program to train the high velocity mechanics and also using an Olympic-style strength and conditioning program to develop the elite power of the high velocity pitcher.
  • The results should come in 1 off-season...and now, YOU can have the 3X Pitching Velocity Program that I've had the good fortune to develop for a pitcher in need like you!

WARNING: This is definitely not for everyone

There are some pitchers I simply do not want to give a copy of the 3X Programs to... and I mean NO offense, but I just don't want you to waste your time and money. Fair?

The 3X Pitching Velocity Program
Is WRONG For You IF:

  • You think "effective" means "no hard work". Dream on. Doing something only a select few people can do requires hard work. I've just made it possible for your hard work to help you reach your pitching velocity goals because most young pitchers who work hard still never achieve these goals.
  • You don't want to change your pitching mechanics. I cover some critical pitching components science proves correlate to high ball speed that you will need to implement to see results. These are essential, especially if you want to add the 5-10mph or more. Nothing radical, but still...you will not be using the same poor stride, with the same overused upper body to throw 90mph when it happens on this program.
  • You refuse to do any olympic-style training. I wish this was easy, but you will never move like a high 90's guy with a 24 inch vertical jump, 8 foot broad jump, or a 135lb power clean max unless you have some ridiculous genetics. You will STILL need to use these elite power lifts: I will tell you how to perform them correctly, better yet, I will even recommend you come to a 3X Velocity Camp to take them up a notch (not required, but I prefer it.) or I will even send you to a USAW Certified coach in your local area to teach you proper technique.
  • You think, "I'm too old to do this." Listen: you are NOT too old. Period! I've seen tons of pitchers in there 40s kicking butt on this System, so get that out of your head!
  • Or, you are just one of those folks who will buy the program and then let it sit on your computer and never read it. Please, don't waste your money if that's the case. However, if that IS the case, just realize you're only going to get more and more frustrated with your pitching velocity...and perhaps even want to quit...unless you do something about your career, starting today.
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Don't be concerned by how complicated this System looks

Don't be fooled!E=MC2 looks complicated...but it's one of the most simple yet powerful equations in all of physics. "Simple" is almost always the best way to do anything. Speaking of Einstein, he once said, "Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler."

That's what I've done for you: I've made high velocity pitching as simple as possible first with the 2 phase approach and second with a cyclical rep by set daily calendar.

So please: DO NOT be worried by how much information is included in the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. Once you purchase this program and download the entire bundle it will be very overwhelming only because I am giving you every tool you will ever need to have success with this program but the approach is still very simple. Learn to separate the 2 phases, follow the calendars and you will become a high velocity pitcher, guaranteed.

I wanted to make this an absolute no-brainer for anyone wanting a fresh, simple, and proven way to add 5-10mph in One off-season.

I figured I'd start at this low price and keep it there until I simply can not keep up with the volume of customer support emails (I get a lot of 'thank you!' emails and I think it's only right to answer them all.)

Plus, this is not some super-fancy program with a million-dollar publisher's ad budget. This is just a simple, comprehensive, and to-the-point e-program that will give you all the ANSWERS you will ever need to become a high velocity pitcher.

I did the hard work. I rounded up this revolutionary information from literally decades of experience, training, surgery, and from researching medical documents for hours on end will testing it on myself first.

Here's Where We Get Really Crazy

I am SO confident that The 3X Pitching Velocity Program will be the BEST PITCHING VELOCITY PROGRAM you have ever purchased that I am willing to put my money where my mouth is by offering this DOUBLE money-back guarantee:

Guarantee #1: Use my System for 60 days ON ME. If you do not get the best results you've ever seen... no matter what your goals are (5mph, 10mph, or 90+mph)... I will give you 100% of your money back… OR:

60 Day GuaranteeGuarantee #2: If you don't like the SERVICE you receive and the EASE of purchase, same guarantee: 100% of your money back!

I stand behind not only my product, but my commitment to YOU and your success.

That's how absolutely positive I am that The 3X Pitching Velocity Program will revolutionize the way you view pitching and pitching velocity as well as reinvent your fastball in record time...


Only a limited amount will be sold at this price

After I release a few thousand copies at this RIDICULOUSLY low price, I know my servers will be taxed, my time with other members extended...and I will HAVE TO INCREASE THE PRICE.

See the table below for the price increase schedule... and you best order now to make sure you lock in the lowest price possible

3X Pitching Intro Price

And I want to give you some
really awesome gifts today...

I am supremely confident that I am giving you the absolute BEST pitching velocity System ever developed.

But I'm not stopping there. I want you to be so over-the-top thrilled with your decision to claim your copy of the 3X Pitching Velocity Program, I am tossing in these incredible bonuses...

Bonus #1

FREE! 5 Phone Sessions with Coach Brent Pourciau

Coach Brent PourciauYes, you can call me any month during your training for an hour if needed so I can personally coach you through the program. Most coaches tell me I am crazy to do this but it is true. I am here to work with you personally to help you reach your pitching velocity goals!

NOTE: I highly recommend that you schedule a day and time for your first phones session so I can help you get started with the program.

Bonus #2

FREE! 1 Pitching Video Analysis

FREE 1 Pitching Video AnalysisI have charged up to $350 for one video pitching analysis. I will compare your mechanics to a MLB pitcher who I feel is similar to your build and who will help you identify your mechanical issues.

NOTE: I highly recommend that you send in your video up front for a 3X Video Analysis so you have a good understanding of what needs to be improved when you start the program.

Bonus #3

FREE! One on One Email Coaching

FREE One on One Email CoachingYes, you can email me anytime with any issue. This is a value of around $100/per hour, which I charge for private one on one instruction and training.

NOTE: I highly recommend that you start your one on one email coaching the moment you start the 3X velocity training program.

Bonus #4

FREE! Five 1 Hour Phone Calls with Coach Pourciau

5 FREE 1 Hour Phone Calls with Coach PourciauYes, you can call me any month during your training for an hour if needed so I can personally coach you through the program. Most coaches tell me I am crazy to do this but it is true. I am here to work with you personally to help you reach your pitching velocity goals!

NOTE: I highly recommend that you schedule your first 1 hour phone session to help you get started with the 3X Pitching Velocity Program.

Bonus #5

$497 Discount to any 3X Velocity Camp

5 FREE 1 Hour Phone Calls with Coach PourciauYou will receive a coupon code which will give you $497 off your registration to a 3X Velocity Camp. This is a full training camp where I will work with you personally to help you reach your velocity goals even faster.

NOTE: I highly recommend that you register for the 3X Velocity Camp if you want to take your 3X training to the next level.

Bonus #6

FREE! 50 minute Interview with the Legendary Jim "The Rookie" Morris

50 minute Interview with the Legendary Jim I have had pitchers say this is the best interview, about pitch velocity and reaching your goals and dreams, out there. They say this interview with Jim Morris, who was the oldest pitcher to make his Major League Debut at 35, and they did a movie about his life called "The Rookie," is priceless. Every time I hear this interview I am blown away by how powerful it is! Jim Morris is an amazing person and motivational speaker!

NOTE: I highly recommend that you listen to this inspirational and informational interview with the legendary Jim "The Rookie" Morris.

Bonus #7

FREE! 50 minute Interview with the Legendary Coach Gayle Hatch

50 minute Interview with the Legendary Coach Gayle HatchThis is another priceless interview with one of the Founding Fathers of Strength and Conditioning. Coach Hatch is the only coach ever to be inducted into the Weight Lifting Hall of Fame and the Strength and Conditioning Hall of Fame. His list of other accomplishments would fill more than this entire page. In this interview he talks about the history of strength and conditioning and how it has revolutionized sports and how it is the foundation of 3X Pitching!

NOTE: I highly recommend that you listen to this rare interview with the iconic Olympic Lifting coach who helped build strength and conditioning to what it is today!

Bonus #7

FREE! 60 minute Interview with the Legendary Coach Kurt Hester

60 minute Interview with the Legendary Coach Kurt HesterCoach Hester is the creator of Gorilla Ball which was what lead LSU to 5 National Titles in the 90's - 2000. He is now a world famous strength and conditioning coach for some of today's most explosive athletes. He is an inductee in the Strength Coach Hall of fame and is the Director of Training at the National D1 Sports Training. He can be seen on ESPN training NFL and MLB athletes. The value of these 3 interview's is twice or even three times the value of the entire package of 3X Pitching.

NOTE: I highly recommend that you listen to this jam packed interview with the man who isn't afraid to speak the truth about baseball!

3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program

3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program

3X Pitching Package

I understand that by starting
3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program today
for a ONE-TIME payment of $999 $497 I will get...

  • Beginner's Guide to 3X PitchingComplete Beginner's Guide to 3X Pitching - 47 Pages of information to prepare the youth or beginner pitcher for the revolutionary approach to pitching velocity called 3X Pitching. Here is what is included: * How to get Started on the Right Foot * The 3X Learning Curve * Video Analysis * Beginner Strength Development * 3X Pitching Basics * 3X Beginner Mechanics * 3X Beginner Drills * 3X Beginner Training * 3X Beginner Injury Prevention * Taking it to the Next Level
  • 3X Pitching eBookComplete 3X Pitching eBook - 85 Pages of priceless information, case study after case study proving the effectiveness of the 3X Approach to baseball pitching. Here is what else is in the book: * 3X Pitching Mechanics * The Power of 3X * 3X Torque * 3X Precision * The Timing Factor * Countless 3X Pro Examples * 3X Training * Speed Mechanics * 3X and Long Toss * 3X Strength and Speed Ratios * 3X Recovery * 3X Mindset
  • Velocity Starter eKitThe Velocity Starter eKit - A short guide to everything you will need to be prepared to start the Ace Pitcher Handbook. It includes the equipment that is needed for the drills and exercises, along with the supplements to support your high intensity training. It also includes a mental preparation for this training commitment.
  • Ace Pitcher Handbook3X Training Manual the Ace Pitcher eHandbook - This is the complete 16 week training program of 3X Pitching. This training program includes: * 3X Velocity Components * 3X Velocity System * Pitching Guidelines * Fusion Strength and Conditioning System developed by Brent Pourciau. (This workout is an 8 Week Cycle and isolates Fast Twitch Muscle fibers for developing a Bigger, Stronger, Faster pitcher). * Nutritional Guidelines (What supplements pitchers should be taking).
  • Unlimited Stream to the Comprehensive Beginner's Guide Instructional Video Library (Download also available upon request) - Beginner's Guide Instructional VideosThis is 1 hour of videos you will need to learn the beginner drills and beginner training to prepare for the Ace Pitcher Handbook. These drills and training are perfect for the beginner pitcher or all youth pitchers under the ages of 16. Any pitcher over the age of 16 who feels they are not at the beginner level is recommended to at least review the program. These videos equal 4 sessions of private one on one instruction or more. This would be a value of $240 at $60 per session.
  • 3X Velocity System Instructional VideosUnlimited Stream to the Comprehensive Video Drills Library (Download also available upon request) - This is 1.5 hours of videos you will need to learn the drills in the 3X Velocity System. The 3X Velocity System is a proprietary series of throwing drills that will train you to develop the motor coordination around the 3X Pitching mechanics. These drills are critical for the pitcher to implement the power pitching mechanics which is necessary to increase pitching velocity. These videos equal 8 sessions of private one on one instruction or more. This would be a value of $480 at $60 per session.
  • Fusion System Instructional VideosUnlimited Stream to the Comprehensive Video Training Library (Download also available upon request) - This is 2 hours of videos you will need to learn the lifts in the Fusion System. The lifts and exercises are taught to you by Chad Englehart. These videos equal 8 sessions of private one on one instruction or more. This would be a value of $480 at $60 per session.
  • 3X Pitching Velocity Program Level 2 - This is the complete 8 week training program of 3X Pitching Level 2. 3X Pitching Velocity Program Level 2This training program is for those who have finished the 16 week 3X Pitching Velocity Program Level 1 with the Ace Pitcher Handbook and would like to add even more pitch velocity. It is even more intense than the Level 1 program. The program includes: * 3X Advanced Drills * Fusion System Level 2 (This workout is a 3 day per week, 8 Week lifting cycle and a 3 day per week, 8 week throwing cycle. The Fusion System Level 2 focuses on more power production, momentum and joint mobility. It is recommended that you change your workouts every 6-8 weeks. This is a whole new program to help keep your body working towards its top velocity while still in the off-season.)
  • 3X Level 2 Instructional Videos
  • Unlimited Stream to the Comprehensive 3X Level 2 Instructional Video Library (Download also available upon request) - This is several hours of videos you will need to learn the 3X Advanced Drills and all the exercises and lifts in the Fusion System Level 2. These videos equal 8 sessions or more of private one on one instruction for the pitcher who has finished level 1 and is ready to take it up a notch. This would be a value of $480 at $60 per session.
  • 3X Pre-Season Program Manual - This is a complete 4 week training cycle for the relief and starting pitcher. It covers the pre-season throwing program along with the training and anaerobic conditioning program. The throwing program comes with the new advanced 3X drills to help define some of the more advanced 3X mechanics from the lift leg component to the "Load" position. The revolutionary 3X Load Series drills will help you improve your "Sweet Spot" and your "Foot Sync" within your pitching delivery. The program also includes a Nutritional Guide, Soft Tissue Program and much more.
  • 3X Pre-Season Program Instructional VideosUnlimited Stream to the Comprehensive 3X Pre-Season Instructional Video Library (Download also available upon request) - This is several hours of videos you will need to learn the 3X Pre-Season Drills and all the exercises and lifts in the Pre-Season Training for the relief and starting pitcher. These videos equal 8 sessions or more of private one on one instruction for the pitcher who has finished the 3X Off-Season Programs and is ready to take their velocity gains into the pre-season. This would be a value of $480 at $60 per session.
  • 3X Mental Mechanics3X Mental Mechanics - This is an audio collection of visualization exercises to help you prepare for a successful season. These exercises include; Begin Breathing, Mental Massage, Map Your Environment, Throw Your Pen, Pitch an Inning or 2, Pitch a High Pressure Inning or 2, Last Pitch Celebration. This is excellent pre-game or pre-workout visualization training.
  • 3X In-Season Program Manual3X In-Season Program Manual - This is a complete 4 week training cycle for the relief and starting pitcher which works around the pitching rotation. It covers the in-season throwing program along with the training and anaerobic conditioning program. The throwing program comes with the new advanced 3X Mechanics Series drills which were developed to help the pitcher to continue to define and refine the 3X mechanics. The program also includes a Recovery Guide, Central Nervous System (CNS) Training and much more. The CNS Training is a new addition to the Training Program that will help the pitcher maintain power and also enhance performance all season long.
  • 3X Pre-Season Program Instructional VideosUnlimited Stream to the Comprehensive 3X In-Season Instructional Video Library (Download also available upon request) - This is several hours of videos you will need to learn the 3X In-Season Drills and all the exercises and lifts in the In-Season Training for the relief and starting pitcher. These videos equal 8 sessions or more of private one on one instruction for the pitcher who has finished the 3X Off-Season Programs and the 3X Pre-Season Program and who is ready to take their velocity gains into the new season. This would be a value of $480 at $60 per session or more.
  • 3X Pitching Mechanics Guide3X Pitching Mechanics Guide - 51 page guide covering the 2 Phase Delivery, 3X Pitching Mechanics and the 3X Advanced Components.
  • 3X Pitching Mechanics Instructional Videos3X Pitching Mechanics Guide Instructional Video Stream - (Download also available upon request) - 1-2 hours of video covering all of the information and more from the 3X Pitching Mechanics Guide with Brent Pourciau.
  • 3X Pitching Mechanics Guide3X Pitching Mechanics Guide Volume 2 - 53 page guide covering the Evolution of the High Velocity Pitcher and the 3X Advanced Components Volume 2.
  • 3X Pitching Mechanics Instructional Videos3X Pitching Mechanics Guide Volume 2 Instructional Video Stream (Download also available upon request) - 1-2 hours of video covering all of the information and more from the 3X Pitching Mechanics Guide Volume 2 with Brent Pourciau.


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About Coach Brent Pourciau

Brent PourciauBrent Pourciau has been certified by USA Weightlifting as a Sports Performance Coach. He is a retired professional pitcher and current advisor to several D1 University Baseball organizations as a pitching velocity specialist.

He has been coaching high school, college and professional pitchers to increase pitching velocity for the past 10 years. His success in training pitchers to reach their velocity goals came first with himself, when he overcame a major rotator cuff tear in college to come back and play pro ball. Not only that but he topped out at 94mph after Doctors told him he would never pitch again.

Ok, let's get serious now!

Yes, I did what very few have been capable of doing in baseball. My life has been nothing but an obstacle course. I was cut from my ninth grade team and the next year I trained my butt off and started varsity, we almost won state. I was born dyslexic and almost flunked out of college. I did what three well respected Doctors and the trainer for the Giants and Dodgers said I would never do, which was to pitch in professional baseball and throw 94mph after a rotator cuff tear at 18. I didn't have the best professional career in the states but overseas I put up some better numbers. I am not Nolan Ryan or Roger Clemens but I would bet I could teach them something about how someone with poor or average velocity can add 5-10mph to their fastball. This is because I not only did it for myself but I helped many different types of pitchers do it in their careers. I love what I do and I am not going anywhere. I am not just a marketer, I am a pitching coach and a pitching trainer. I am coaching and training pitchers everyday at my Baseball Academy in Louisiana called Guerilla Baseball. I also believe this and I have been told, that I am the best when it comes to velocity.

I am bragging about my coaching and training ability but when it came to pitching I was average. I always said if I can do this then anyone can. I know what it is like to suck. I know what it is like to struggle to the point of wanting so bad to quit. I know what it is like to hate this game. This is why I can coach and train pitching so well because I had to almost kill myself to become an average professional pitcher.

I added 10mph to my fastball post surgery!

I was shocked the day this happened. I will never forget. I was playing in a summer league in Los Angeles, California. It was a great league. The league had Bret Saberhagen, Todd Zeile, Jose Canseco to name a few. I was having a blast because I was striking out a lot of guys. I think I had like 120 K's in 50 something innings. It got to the point that my teammates were telling me that I need to stop playing amature ball at 26 years old and go tryout for pro baseball. So I asked a friend to come and we both tried out at a Scouting Bureau camp. They made me pitch last because I was the oldest kid there. They almost forget about me. I had to wait almost 8 hours to pitch to the only scout who was left. He was with the Twins. I topped out at 94mph. The scout ran up to me and said congratulations son have you ever thrown the ball 94mph. I said no. I couldn't believe what he just told me and the next few months was a great ride to pro baseball.

Here is me pitching to my childhood idol Jose Canseco!

I love this game and the opportunities that I was given are priceless. I never would have had these opportunities if I didn't work so hard to create them. I want you to have the opportunities that I had in this game and this is why I want to help you achieve your velocity goals. The benefit I get is reliving my good memories through helping you create good memories. This is why I put a guarantee on this program. I promise you that you will not find a better program on the web than 3X Pitching or a more dedicated Pitching Coach and Trainer than with me. What do you say? Let's create some once in a lifetime opportunities for you?

3X Pitching Velocity Program

You can call me at (985) 377-9249

Written by Brent Pourciau

Skype me HERE!

My status

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